Our Staff

Our Deeply Appreciated Volunteer Staff

Aspen Swartz
The List Mistress

Keeper of the Membership and Interested Parties Lists, Translator of all Illegible Hand-Writing on the sign-in sheets.

Stacia Jenkins
Our Lady of Grammar

Contributing Editor, spell Checker, in charge of making us look better on paper.

Michelle Helmholz
Our Lady of Gratitude

In charge of keeping track of and sending our Many Thanks to our supporters.

Cynthia Neubauer-Lee
Our Mistress of Minutes

In charge of taking whatever notes there are and making them into presentable Meeting Minutes.

Kandy Paulson
Our Events Herald

In charge of getting our events out to as many news outlets as she can manage.

Linda Romanovitch
Our Treasure

In Charge of Finance, Donations, and the only checkbook.

Tawny Sayers
Keeper of the Keys

In charge of checking the mail, depositing Donations and helping with the Newsletter Mail-outs.

Melina Harris
Invisible Elf

In charge of getting anything done that no one else volunteers to do.

Tami St. Paul
The Lady with the Clue

In charge of passing on events, ideas, photos, news, solutions, contacts, advice, laughter, etc. when no one else will.

Tammy Keen
Eastern Liaison

In charge of Spreading the Organization to the Eastern Parts of our Fair State.

Tinamarie Alzaga
Nevada Liaison

In charge of Spreading the Organization across Nevada.

Kayla Maxin
Olympia Liaison

In charge of Spreading the Organization to the Great City of Olympia.

M. J. Davidson
Mentor Program Advisor

In charge of helping our Mentor program grow and develop into a useful entity.

Cathie Jett

Adding local Construction Heroines to our Women in History page, so their stories may be shared to inspire the next generation.

Sisters in the Building Trades

17701 108th Avenue SE
PMB #131
Renton, WA 98055
Phone: 206.618.6715
Fax: 253.850.1259
EIN# 56-2554359

The Next Meeting of the Sisters

When: February 4th, 2017
What Time: Set up at 3:30PM | Potluck at 4PM | Meeting Starts at 5PM
Where: South Seattle Community College, Georgetown Campus
6737 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA
Building "C" Room 122
$3 parking

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